Gameplay Journal Entry #3

The mod that I chose to play for this weeks journal was Sky Factory 3 for Minecraft. Sky Factory 3 is a mod pack consisting of 195 different individual mods but I decided to use it for this journal because I enjoy playing it from time to time. The mod starts you on a single tree in the middle of the void and your quest is to complete a book of challenges over time as you expand your platform/base. This completely changes how Minecraft normally feels and operates by adding in a new dynamic (the fact that your isolated on a single tree in the middle of nothing) and new mechanics to explore (the various different mods that allow you to build so many different things).

The Sky Factory 3 mod pack relates much to Anne-Marie Schleiner’s concept of the parasite because it uses its combination of various different mods and essentially makes a new game using Minecraft as its host. The reason I love coming back to Minecraft every once and a while is because I can always download a new mod pack and play a different version of the same game. The best part is that there are hundreds of different mod packs to chose from and a dedicated community creating new mod packs constantly. The quote I wanted to use for this journal was not one that Anne-Marie Schleiner wrote but Eric Raymond, “it is quite clear that the society of open-source hackers is in fact a gift culture. Within it, there is no serious shortage of the ‘survival necessities’- disk space, network bandwidth, computing power. Software is freely shared…” When I read that quote it instantly made me think of the Minecraft modding community and how everyone makes mods for each other for the fun of it.

Anyways here is a really old Minecraft lets play video about Sky Factory 3 :).